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11.24.2021 - Odell Beckham to take salary in Bitcoin

Odell Beckham Jr. joins the list of athletes who are joining the cryptocurrency world. (see more)


10.25.2021 - Mastercard says any bank or merchant on its vast network can soon offer crypto services

Mastercard is preparing to announce that any of the thousands of banks and millions of merchants on its payments network can soon integrate crypto into their products. (see more)


9.27.2021 - Coinbase to allow customers to direct deposit crypto or USD with debit card

Coinbase will offer in coming weeks a new direct deposit feature that allow customers to deposit any percentage of their paycheck into their account in crypto or U.S. dollars. (see more)


9.21.2021 - China- and Hong Kong-based bitcoin holders scrambling to protect their crypto assets

Some crypto holders in China and Hong Kong are scrambling to find a way to safeguard their bitcoin and other tokens after China’s central bank published a new document Friday spelling out tougher measures in its wider crypto crackdown, including souped-up systems to monitor crypto-related transactions. (see more)


8.5.2021 - Ethereum mining will soon be obsolete, as ‘London’ update moves key deadline to December

Somewhat buried in ethereum’s big software makeover that rolled out Thursday is a code update known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 3554, or EIP-3554 for short. It threatens to hasten the end of ethereum mining as we know it. (see more).


8.21.2021 - Inside Afghanistan’s cryptocurrency underground as the country plunges into turmoil

Farhan Hotak isn’t your typical 22 year-old Afghan.

In the last week, he helped his family of ten flee the province of Zabul in southern Afghanistan and travel 97 miles to a city on the Pakistani border. (see more)