In order to manifest the MIU Endowment (while also supporting many other projects of global value), we propose the creation of a blockchain empowered crypto ecosystem that will include a native cryptocurrency and related systems to support wealth for the endowment and both related projects and participants.



A crypto-based manifestation of the RAAM currency vision of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Crypto-Raam DAO

A Distributed Autonomous Organization to manage the Crypto-Raam ecosystem and the Rising Tide Fund

Raam Crypto-Tokens

 These are used to compensate and incentivize positive behaviors such as participation in the Invincible America Assembly


Rising Tide Fund

The Rising Tide Fund is designed to support all of the programs for the Development of Consciousness as described by Maharishi


These manifestos provide general as well as technical parameters of the initiatives mentioned above. Terminology in some cases is derived from Maharishi Vedic Science,  The Hero’s Journey,  and the Maharishi Vedic Observatory.  Much of the text will only be meaningful to people conversant with the terminology of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but such documentation clarifies the integrity and visionary scope of the initiatives.


Creation of a Decentralized Reserve Currency in a DAO structure, based on the bonding and minting protocol owned liquidity model and inspired by decentralized finance and the Vedic technologies of consciousness developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. SEE MANIFESTO

Crypto-Raam Dao

Creation of CryptoRAAM-DAO as a means of distribution of funding, development time, and energy is in accordance with natural law, using the Vedic observatory and biomimicry as guidance. SEE MANIFESTO

Cryto-Raam Tokens

Overview: Attendance by all in the Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge at MIU in Fairfield will be incentivized with Crypto-Raam tokens when may acquire value as the ecosystem matures, providing annuity-type support to participants. (Full program under development.