The MIU Crypto Endowment is one component in a Global Cryptocurrency Ecosystem that is administered under a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, called the Crypto-RAAM DAO. The Crypto-RAAM DAO was inspired by and both reflects and supports the initiatives of the RAAM currency founded by the Global Country of World Peace. The social impact of the Crypto-RAAM DAO is designed to be permanent peace and enlightenment for all humanity. The following initiatives are proposed as candidates for fulfillment by the maturation and expansion of the Crypto-RAAM DAO ecosystem.

The Global Country of World Peace Superfund



Maharishi International University (MIU)

MIU has a global mission that stands above and supports all other universities in the world in that it offers a technology for ideal education,  enlightened students, and a proven technology for conflict resolution and World Peace, without which human life will always be a struggle.


Invincible America Assembly

The Invincible America Assembly has the local responsibility to assure the peace, internal harmony and positive effect of the United States of America in the family of nations, and a global ambition to create and establish permanent world peace


Global Peace Initiative

The Global Country of World Peace has created the Global Capital of World Peace to accommodate the world’s first permanent peace-creating group. Master-planned according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, the Global Capital is auspiciously located in the geographical center point of India.

The Global Peace Initiative will provide a safety factor of twice the number of peace-creating experts (16,000) in the Global Capital as well as 48 groups of 500 peace-creating experts in India’s 12 Jyotirlingas—auspicious centers that are traditionally considered to be lively in the total potential of Natural Law.